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For the adventurous style seeker in Goodyear, renting any car will not do — instead, 480 Limos offers a wide range of luxury and exotic car rentals. Whether you want an American muscle vehicle to cruise down the highway or a classy looking BMW rental with some kick, our selection is bound to satisfy your tastes. Or, if you would prefer to turn heads, our Lamborghini rentals provide a selection of colors and models to select from. Make an impression no one will forget with one of our exotic or luxury car rentals.

selective focus of steering wheel near gear shift handle in luxury car.

Turn Heads Throughout Goodyear in One of Our Like New BMW Rentals

Once you rent with 480 Limos, you are renting more than just a car. Each of our luxury car rentals can make a statement. Whether with the roar of the engine, or the sleek aerodynamic design, you are bound to arrive however you like wherever you proceed. Our BMW rentals are like new, featuring the latest and most eye catching designs. Meet clients in style or get the ride of a lifetime with any of our BMW rentals in Goodyear. Plus, with these affordable prices, you will experience luxurious at economy prices.

Premier Event Vehicle Rental in Goodyear, AZ

Hiring a professional limousine service can make your night out in Goodyear, AZ feel truly special. At 480 Limos, our rental services are perfect for parties of all sizes, and our large fleet of luxury vehicles ensures you’ll find something you like.

Front of a sports car - black and red car

Be Bold in One of Our Luxurious Lamborghini Rentals in Goodyear

Lamborghini does not simply have a history of being bold but continues to carry the brand into the future with each new model. And at 480 Limos, you can feel that boldness for yourself, all starting at low and affordable rates. Boasting confidence, poise, and high class, each of our Lamborghini rentals is similar to brand-new, waxed, and revving to move. If you are looking to make a statement or simply experience the rush a superior, exotic car rental has to offer, we have the affordable solutions in the Goodyear area.

Luxury Car Rentals at Affordable Rates

You do not have to spend a lot to feel the thrill and pleasure of traveling in a luxury car. With 480 Limos, it is possible to pick a luxury or exotic car rental from a wide range of options, choosing one that fits your needs or desires best. Whether you want to turn heads with the smooth and aerodynamic style or want a comfortable and luxurious choice for picking up customers, our Goodyear fleet can match your every need. And most importantly, all our car rentals arrive at lower costs than you would expect, meaning you can drive a BMW or Lamborghini for your day without spending a fortune.

Top Quality Service

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Prom Limo Rental

At 480 Limos, our homecoming limo rentals are here to take your special night from simply special to unforgettable.

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Lamborghini Rental

While owning a Lamborghini might be too expensive for many, renting one with 480 Limos for your prom or party is completely affordable.

a big party bus fill ed with comfortable seats and shiny bright floor for dancing and having fun

Party Bus Rental

Not all party bus rental companies are created equal. At 480 Limos we own a fleet of vehicles, significantly elevated above the competition.

Diva arrives at private jet in limo with chauffeur

Airport Service

Our drivers arrive early, ensuring a quick transition to our airport car service immediately after landing.


Luxurious Limo Rental Services in Goodyear, AZ Area

When it’s time to make your way across Goodyear, AZ, you can rely on the limo services from 480 Limos to help you arrive at your destination on time and safely. We proudly offer rental services for executive cars, party buses, shuttle services, and exotic car rentals; we have a wide range of options to meet your specific travel needs. No matter what the situation calls for, reach out to 480 Limos and book a rental service today!

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